Saturday, March 28, 2009

Computer Forensics and the Law Course

This quarter I am taking a course "Computer Forensics and the Law" at UW Bothell. It looks pretty interesting:

The course draws upon the forensic and computer sciences, law, investigative techniques, and ethics. Topics covered in the course will include:

  • Computer forensic tools and techniques used to detect computer fraud, computer crime, espionage, cyber terrorism: Gathering probative evidence to secure a conviction under federal law and to develop approaches to prevention and detection. Determining how a system was penetrated and what was done while the hackers were in the system.

  • Investigative procedures: Procedural rules affecting collection and use of physical evidence. Court opinions defining the rules of search and seizure and admissibility of evidence and how this translates into forensic methodologies.

  • Implications of related law: Principles of criminal law and procedure, preparation and presentation of evidence, examination of witnesses, and methods of legal research. Issues discussed concerning discovery, admissibility of scientific evidence, chain of custody, use of notes, etc.

  • Ethics as related to computer security issues: Values, duties, social responsibility and obligations with respect to the exercise of computer forensic procedures.

Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, I expected the class to start next Saturday (since the quarter didn't start until March 30th), I missed the first class (March 28th). There was only one (buried) place where it was mentioned to start on the 28th... oh well. I'm sure I can catch up.

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