Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feed Slideshow Gadget

I wrote this gadget several weeks ago, right after we returned from a family vacation to Arizona.

add it to your own iGoogle by clicking here: Add to Google

We had posted a bunch of great pictures to our photo blog, and I thought it be great to see these on my iGoogle page. So I put together this little gadget that takes a few RSS or Atom feed URLs. It then pulls out the images and shows them to you one by one.

How do you set it up?

  1. Add this gadget to your iGoogle page by click here: Add to Google (or on the button above).
  2. Find a blog or a news webpage that has pictures you like*

  3. Look for a link on the webpage that says something like 'RSS' or 'Subscribe to Atom Posts', often with an orange button

  4. OR, read your Browser's help text regarding RSS and Atom feeds, and find out how to tell if a site has a feed, as well as how to get to it.

  5. Once you have the site's feed url (aka, it's address-- which should start with 'http://' and often ends with '.xml'), you can copy that to your clipboard

  6. Then, open this Gadget's settings and paste the feed url into the 'Feed 1 Url' setting

  7. Save, and enjoy your slideshow!

*Here are some suggestions for feeds:

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