Monday, June 1, 2009

G is for Giving Bing a fair shake: Week of Bing

Well, now that the Bing preview is available, it's time to see what it's really all about.  So far, I don't have any insights not found elsewhere, but it's not half bad.  

I am going to switch search providers for a week and see if I can get my brain to think Bing instead of Google.

It is interesting that the layout is so very similar to Google's, even down to color choices.  Can you tell which screenshot of a search for my hometown, "Forks, WA", is Google and which is Bing?

Forks, WA searchForks, WA search

The first one is Google. The biggest giveaway are the promote/remove buttons on Google's.  I did take the liberty of cutting out the Google Map result that was first on the list, which would have been a dead-er giveaway.  It is interesting that Bing does not include a map result automatically, but not necessarily wrong.  And clicking on the "Map" tab on the Bing page gets me a map, which might be a more straightforward behavior...

Anyway, this should be interesting.  If you have a blog and want to try Bing for a week and blog about Week of Bing, please comment below with your blog URL.

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