Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stackoverflow - Please add message envelope to your Flair, and make the URL for Flair based on user name

I wanted to create a iGoogle gadget to display my current stackoverflow stats so that I wouldn't keep obsessively checking the main page (I am really just now getting into SO). So I create this stackoverflow status gadget:

And posted it to stackoverflow. All this does is embed an iframe to and scroll it so that the status block is available.

Anyway, then someone pointed me to the user flair, which I didn't know about. I should probably change my gadget to use user flair instead, which will be a much lighter load in SO.  BUT...

I really want to see my message envelop status, that is my biggest point.  And flair doesn't show this.

It would also be nice if the flair URL be something that can be constructed using the user's SO user name instead of the user id.

Anyway, since there is no-where on the flair page to add a comment, this is my attempt at communicating this request to Stackoverflow.

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